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I am the vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in me, with me in him, bears fruit in plenty”

John 15: 1-8


At Sacred Heart RC Primary School, we aim to maintain a secure, caring and stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to have respect for themselves and each other. Through quality teaching and learning, children are given the opportunity to develop individuality and responsibility, and are challenged to achieve their full potential.


We believe it is important that we develop the whole child, nurturing the academic, creative, spiritual, aesthetic and social aspects equally. Self-discipline and acceptable codes of behaviour are valued and promoted. 



We see our school as being at the heart of our community and we encourage children to value and celebrate the diversities they encounter in this community and the wider world.


Achievement and good behaviour is is celebrated at Sacred Heart in many ways; the children can earn stars of the week, Headteacher awards, housepoints, 'Sacred Heart' certificates for good behaviour and play leader certificates. Each week we have a celebration assembly when we congratulate others on their achievements.


Please click the link below to read our Behaviour Policy which is in line with the Education and Inspections Act, 2006 Section 89.

 Behaviour Policy


Education and Inspection Act 2006, Section 89.

Determination by head teacher of behaviour policy:

(1)The head teacher of a relevant school must determine measures to be taken with a view to—

(a)promoting, among pupils, self-discipline and proper regard for authority,

(b)encouraging good behaviour and respect for others on the part of pupils and, in particular, preventing all forms of bullying among pupils,

(c)securing that the standard of behaviour of pupils is acceptable,

(d)securing that pupils complete any tasks reasonably assigned to them in connection with their education, and

(e)otherwise regulating the conduct of pupils.

(2)The head teacher must in determining such measures—

(a)act in accordance with the current statement made by the governing body under section 88(2)(a), and

(b)have regard to any notification or guidance given to him under section 88(2)(b)

(3)The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as acceptable must be determined by the head teacher, so far as it is not determined by the governing body.

(4)The measures which the head teacher determines under subsection (1) must include the making of rules and provision for disciplinary penalties (as defined by section 90).

(5)The measures which the head teacher determines under subsection (1) may, to such extent as is reasonable, include measures to be taken with a view to regulating the conduct of pupils at a time when they are not on the premises of the school and are not under the lawful control or charge of a member of the staff of the school.

(6)The measures determined by the head teacher under subsection (1) must be publicised by him in the form of a written document as follows

(a)he must make the measures generally known within the school and to parents of registered pupils at the school, and

(b)he must in particular, at least once in every school year, take steps to bring them to the attention of all such pupils and parents and all persons who work at the school (whether or not for payment).


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