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Daily Timetable

Throughout the school day, we have time for activity, learning and quiet reflection.

9.00 -9.15am


9.45 –9.55am


11.50- 11.55am

11.55am – 1pm


1pm – 3.00pm


1pm – 3.05pm


3.00pm – 3.05pm


3.05pm – 3.10pm


Worshipping Together


Reading Café



Daily Mile


to be fit

Focused sport activity


Morning Lessons


Quiet Reflection time before lunch



play leader  activities

and free play


Afternoon Lessons


Quiet Reflection time at the end of the day

 A busy day starts with registration at 8.45am. 

Worshipping Together

Every day the whole school gathers together for assembly or hymn practise. Children and staff take turns to lead assemblies throughout the week. Every Thursday morning, the children plan, lead and participate in their class liturgy. We attend Mass at Church on the first Tuesday of every month and Mass is celebrated in school on the third Tuesday of every month.

Reading Cafe

Recently, we introduced our ‘Reading Café’ to encourage in pupils a ‘love of reading’ and to further improve reading and comprehension skills across the school. Pupils are engaged a variety of reading comprehension activities, learning in pairs and in small groups supporting each other and taking responsibility for their learning. The older pupils take responsibility to read stories to the youngest children or work with them to create 'jigsaw' sentences.


As part of this café, we offer every pupil a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to eat as part of the school commitment to healthy eating. The reading cafe time also gives the teachers opportunities to carry out ‘interventions’ working with and teaching small groups of pupils.



Daily Mile or Skip to be fit

We recognise that the pupils need a short break in the morning and would benefit from some daily exercise out in the fresh air so we have introduced ‘The Daily Mile’, which involves the pupils walking or running around the playground or the field (when it is dry) for 20 laps if they feel energetic enough!


Morning Lessons

Formal morning lessons begin at 9.55am and literacy and numeracy are  taught during the two morning lessons of 55 minutes each.


The lunch break is long but broken into two parts, so that children have time to share a meal through 'family service' along with teachers and their friends. Afterwards, they have time to take part in sports activities with our year 6 play leaders, a sports coach or just enjoy playing.


Afternoon Lessons

The afternoon timetable starts at 1pm. The class teacher sets the timetable for their class and the children study the full range of National Curriculum subjects.

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